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Neo Olympia FREE Battle Pass Rewards

In this post, I’ll be going over every free reward in the new Neo Olympia Battle Pass. I’ll separate the free and premium rewards for better clarity. Like previous Battle Passes, you can earn rewards for free without having to purchase anything. Simply play matches and your Battle Pass will level up. You’ll be able to earn rewards such as Triumphant chests, Battle Points boosters, and new Neo Olympia cosmetics. You can purchase the Premium Battle Pass for 600 Gems anytime you wish and you’ll receive every reward up to the level that you’re currently on. There’s also an option to get a 20 level head start by purchasing the second option of the Premium Battle Pass which costs 1,200 Gems.


LEVEL 23x Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 3Champion Chest
LEVEL 5Cutesy Chest
LEVEL 6Champion Chest
LEVEL 7Champion Chest
LEVEL 9500 Favor
LEVEL 10Hero Chest
LEVEL 11Champion Chest
LEVEL 13Champion Chest
LEVEL 14200 Favor
LEVEL 16Navigator Announcer Pack
LEVEL 17Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 19Champion Chest
LEVEL 20500 Favor
LEVEL 22Champion Chest
LEVEL 23Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 24Enigma Chest
LEVEL 26500 Favor
LEVEL 27Champion Chest
LEVEL 29Hero Chest
LEVEL 302000 Favor
LEVEL 31Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 33Hero Chest
LEVEL 35Team Skin Booster
LEVEL 36Champion Chest
LEVEL 37Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 39Hero Chest
LEVEL 40Enigma Chest
LEVEL 42Champion Chest
LEVEL 43Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 44Champion Chest
LEVEL 45500 Favor
LEVEL 47Champion Chest
LEVEL 49Hero Chest
LEVEL 50Neo Olympia Jump Stamp
LEVEL 51300 Favor
LEVEL 53Champion Chest
LEVEL 55Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 57Champion Chest
LEVEL 58Hero Chest


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