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Odyssey Underworld Spoils

There are not whole lot of spoils, mostly cosmetics that will be available during the Pirate Queens and Odyssey events. The Odyssey Underworld patch should go live on September 17, so you still have a while to grind the Sweet Victory battle pass if you haven’t yet.

Xbalanque is getting an EDM skin, which will probably be available in the Odyssey.


You ask and TitanForge giveth. On the left, you can see that the mouse from last year’s Mouseforce Ganesha Tier 5 skin concept. It looks like we’re getting that skin in tier 3 or 4 form. There’s no card art for it yet. And on the right, we’re getting a Classic, aka old man, Merlin skin.

Above you can see the next avatars to be added to the game. And if the right one seems familiar, it’s because it was an entry from my Queen of the Underworld contest. Congrats to both artists!

Aphrodite Artist: @myodora

Persephone Artist: @ScarFerrArt

Rewards from the Pirate Queens Battle Pass. In order from left to right: Anchor Jump Stamp, Booty Hunter Title, Ghost Pirate Ship Ward, Pirate Global Emote, Pirate Loading Frame, Pirate’s Booty Music Theme, and Skull Crossbones Death Stamp, One Eyed Whiskers Avatar, and Whirlpool Recall.

Items from the Odyssey, from left to right: Underworld Odyssey Music Theme, Persephone Announcer Pack, Persephone Loading Frame, Underworld Odyssey Bundle, Persephone Title, and Thanatoast Global Emote.

Items from the Digital Lootpack, which contains the Jormungandr, Nox, Hercules and King Arthur skins for 1,500 gems. From left to right: Cosmic Void Recall, Galactic Title, Ouroboros Global Emote, and it also includes the Set, Horus, and Merlin announcer packs plus a Divine Chest.

That’s all for now. I’m in a hurry because of life stuff. I’ll be posting videos for the skins later today and tomorrow, etc. So much new content, but I will try and do them at my own pace. You can follow me on Twitter and message me if you have any questions or info.


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