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Odyssey Underworld Patch Preview

The next patch notes are coming to you this Wednesday and are introducing both a new battle pass and the 2020 Odyssey. The new battle pass will be pirate themed, similar to Paladins and feature skins for Chang’e, Serqet, Neith and Artemis. The Odyssey on the other hand, will revolve around Persephone and her defiance towards new King of Olympus, Olorun. The patch notes show will air on Mixer and Twitch on Wednesday, September 4 at 3pm ET.

The next Battle Pass will be titled Pirate Queens and will have skins for Chang’e, Serqet, Neith and Artemis.

Pirate Admiral Chang’e, First Mate Serqet, Dread Captain Artemis and Shanty Neith are your next Battle Pass skins, with the latter being the recolor.

Anubis ditches his fur for some scales in this draconic skin. Odyssey skin maybe?

Odin swings his axe in Frost Lich skin just in time for Halloween season.

Medusa is next in line to get the chibi treatment, with her other buddies photo-bombing in the back.

Remember that black hole that was discovered a few months ago? This is her now. I’m just kidding. This is just another Nox skin.

Aphrodite borrowed an outfit out of Da Ji’s closet and is hellbound on torturing her victims in her Temptress skin.

Kuzenbo finally gets a gun in his Crime Boss skin.

Splyce Jormungandr is this year’s World Championship skin.

Nemeanlion Hercules, Stellar Demise Baron Samedi, Convention 2020 King Arthur and Thanatoast.

You’ve reached the end. I’ll keep uploading more reveals as soon as they’re.. well, revealed. You can follow me on Twitter, as I retweet everything from Smite/Paladins art to new upcoming content.


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