Patch Preview: Horus & Set, New Skins, and More

TitanForge has been posting a bunch of teasers ahead of the Sand and Skies patch notes show, which will be taking place on Wednesday at 2PM EST (US Time). You can watch the live show over on Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube.

Horus and Set

Horus and Set Teaser 1

Horus and Set will both be released simultaneously in the next patch. Set will be an assassin while Horus will be more of a support warrior. Keep in mind that this is the first time in Smite history that two gods will be released at the same time, so this should be exciting. There will be a blog post that delves more into the release of these two gods over at the PlayStation Blog (for some reason). Give the people cross-play, Sony.

Horus and Set Teaser 2


The image above was one of the first images teased and it’s regarding a possible Artio skin. Later on we got a better look at a Fenrir skin, however, it’s completely different than what we see in the teaser.

This image teases a skin for a Norse god, possibly Ullr (because that makes the most sense). We’ll find out on Wednesday.

Here’s that Fenrir skin I was talking about. It shares a theme with Fiend Hunter Artio and Raven Warlock Odin.

Baron Samedi joins Sun Wukong and Ah Puch in this iridescent-themed skin titled, Illuminator. Or it might just be a whole new skin theme altogether, since the Infinite skins are a bit more translucent. Either way, it looks very promising.

Hel’s next skin will surely have music references left and right and hopefully a direct taunt towards Aphrodite, who has a similar skin.

This skin has already been out there for a while and left many wondering if it was cancelled. Not anymore, seeing as they’re teasing its debut this Wednesday on the patch show. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can view the skin spotlight for this Loki skin below.

Yep, it was the Loki skin.

Blinky Chibi Mage Janus is the latest installment in the chibi skins lineup. Now all we need is a guardian chibi skin and we’re all set.

Like a mentioned above, Ullr is getting a new skin this patch titled, Helheim. It seems to share a theme with the Fenrir skin that’s also set to release this patch.

We also got the official loading art for both Horus and Set. Take a look below!

Horus Loading Art
Set Loading Art

Artio’s looking a bit different in her new skin titled, Fabled Artio. Or maybe Scylla just grew taller? (That was a joke).

I’ll add more teasers as they’re posted on various social media.


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