Sand & Skies Patch Spoils

Unichrome Set

The spoils aren’t so heavy this time around. I’ll be adding more stuff as soon as I can because I’m working on videos currently. So here’s some stuff I found.

Prince of Darkness Hades – Twitch Prime Reward
In-game model.
And this is the loading screen that’s going to be bundled with the skin (plus a few other things that I don’t know of yet). Again, this is the fourth Twitch Prime reward.

Luminous Bastet

I’m not sure how this one will be acquired just yet.

Mech Horseman Set

This skin will be acquired after purchasing all the skins from the first set of the Battle for Olympus event. So basically it’s an event similar to last year’s Divine Uprising event which gave us the Chernobog, Baron Samedi, and Pele rewards after each set.

This is a teaser for Kukulkan’s tier 5 skin which will be rewarded upon completing the Battle for Olympus event. This event is similar to the Divine Uprising event from last year that gave us the tier 5 Bellona skin.


  • Chompy Chibi Fenrir Ward
  • Horus and Set Loading Frame
  • Infinite Pedestal
  • Glass Slippers Jump Stamp
  • Cutesy Palooza Level-Up
  • Once Upon a Time Global Emote
  • Fairytales Bundle Icon
  • Prince of Darkness Twitch Prime Bundle
  • Fairytales Bundle is probably in the Fairytale Chest.
  • Glass Slippers Jump Stamp and Once Upon a Time Global Emote are in the Fairytale Chest
  • Cutesy Palooza Level-Up and Chompy Chibi Ward are in the Chibi Bonanza Chest.
  • While the card art is not in the files, Zeus is getting a chibi skin named Zappy Chibi Zeus.


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