Rolling Thunder Patch Notes – 3.2


Version: 3.2
Release Date: February 10, 2016

Patch 3.2 is here! Coming only a few weeks after the Season 3 Release, we are excited to bring the next Japanese god to Smite, Raijin! This Master of Thunder excels at using his drums to disrupt the enemy team from either close or far away. We are excited to see how everyone enjoys him when he hits the live servers.

The response from Season 3 has been fantastic, and we would like to encourage everyone to continue to send their feedback! In terms of Balance, we only made a few small adjustments and fixes to items this patch. We have seen rapid shifts in playstyle and new meta development and will continue to monitor the changes from Season 3 as a whole, so we can make more informed changes in subsequent patches.




Thunder is a terrifying element, trembling the very earth with its sound, Herald to storms, accomplice to lightning, thunder is primal, powerful and chaotic. Let this speak, then, of its master, the demon faced God, Raijin, who summons this force with the pounding of his great drums.

Ever in conflict with his equally fearsome brother, Fujin, Master of Wind, Raijin vies for control of the skies above the Real of the Rising Sun. For mortals, their battles form dramatic storms and devastating tidal waves, but for the brothers, this is just friendly competition; an ongoing tournament to determine the strongest.

Though monstrous in appearance and intimidating in battle, Raijin is generous to his Faithful, clearing detritus with lightning to leave rice fields all the more fertile. That doesn’t stop parents from warning their children to hide when a storm comes, lest Raijin devour their bellies. Raijin no doubt finds this tale amusing but has yet to actually feast on any toddlers.

War has reached the distant shores of Raijin’s island realm, and for the first time, he has encountered other Gods that claim dominion over lightning, thunder, and the sky itself. Relishing this opportunity to prove dominance, Raijin enters the fray, drums pounding, and his boisterous laugh indistinguishable from rolling thunder.


Static Crescendo - Passive
Passive : Static Crescendo
Raijin’s drums gather static charges as he fires Basic Attacks and Abilities. When all four drums are charged, his next ability does additional damage. Basic Attacks grant one Charge.
Bonus Damage: +30% of your Magical Power

Percussive Storm - 1
Percussive Storm
Raijin pounds his drums sending forth 4 peals of thunder in a line, each growing wider as it travels. Each peal deals (25/40/55/70/85 +30% of your Magical Power) to enemies hit, and stops on the first enemy god in its path.
Cost: 80/85/90/95/100.
Cooldown: 10s.

This ability grants one charge of Static Crescendo each time it fires, for a total of 3 charges.

Raiju - 2
Raijin marks a target enemy by dismissing his ally Raiju, who hides in the enemy’s navel. While asleep, Raiju reveals the target to Raijin’s team on the minimap. The next time Raijin damages the target, Raiju awakens and claws his way out, damaging (80/125/170/215/260 + 70% of your Magical Power) the target and 4 nearby enemies in his attempt to flee.
Cost: 70/75/80/85/90.
Cooldown: 18s.
Mark Duration : 4/5.5/7/8.5/10s

This ability grants one charge of Static Crescendo upon first activation

Thunder Crash - 3
Thunder Crash
Raijin sends a bolt of lightning crashing down at a target location, damaging and mesmerizing enemies. Raijin himself ascends into the sky and crashes down at that location shortly after, doing a second burst of damage to all enemies in the area.
Cost: 70/75/80/85/90.
Cooldown: 15s.
Lightning Damage : 20/30/40/50/60 (+20% of your Magical Power)
Thunder Damage : 40/60/80/100/120 (+40% of your Magical Power)

Raijin gains one charge of Static Crescendo for each stage of this ability, for a grand total of 2.

Taiko Drums - Ultimate
Ultimate : Taiko Drums
Raijin flies above the battlefield, beating his drum 4 times to summon 4 peals of thunder in rapid succession, each a choice of three beats.
Cost: 90.
Cooldown: 90s.

Beat One : 100% Damage
Beat Two : 50% Damage and .5s Taunt
Beat Three : 50% Damage and .5s Fear
Base Damage : 120/150/180/210/260 (+50% of your Magical Power)



Nimbus Raijin
Nimbus Raijin


*Click on each image for the full resolution!
Armored Scurrier Ratatoskr250 Gems

Armored Scurrier Ratatoskr

Arcane Assassin Bastet250 Gems

Arcane Assassin Bastet

Mastery Aphrodite
Mastery Aphrodite



  • Raijin Clap & Wave



Where Am I?
As Anubis kill an enemy god with Death Gaze behind a wall.
As Anubis stun 15 enemy gods using mummify in a single match.
As Apollo Serenade at least three enemy gods at once.
My Chariot Awaits
As Apollo hit an enemy god with Every tick from Across The Sky.
Two Chains? Nah, Five.
As Ares hit and pull five enemy gods at once with no escape.
As Ares incinerate two gods in one match with Searing Flesh.


  • The Fire Elementals have a new model!
  • Added some extra foliage around the map.
  • Conquest Tutorial Fixes
    Changed Active to Relic
    Changed lines regarding buff camps and some items.


  • Added Bull Demon King Map Marker.
  • Added door animation when Bull Demon King spawns.
  • Removed Power Increase from Bull Demon King Buff.
  • Reduced Lifesteal effectiveness from 50% to 25% on the Bull Demon King.
  • Decreased Health of the Bull Demon King in 1v1.


  • Clash game mode introduction video.




  • New special indicator in circle for which minion will be hit.
  • New circle pulse FX.
  • New minion hit FX.


  • Fixed Sunder is hitting and stopping on minions.
  • Sunder should stop on first God hit.



Oni Hunter's Garb
Fixed issue where stacks would not be removed upon taking Magical Damage.

Adventurer's Blade

  • Removed the Cooldown Reduction from this item.
  • Replaced it with Crowd Control Reduction at 7%.

Spear of Magus
With Season 3 we made a lot of items have specific purposes, especially items that ‘did everything’. Spear of the Magus is an item that ‘did everything’, working well against both low magical protection targets and high magical protection targets. The changes here refocus the item as being particularly good at hurting low magical protection Gods, while being better on gods with multiple sources of damage.

  • Removed the 10% Magical Protection Reduction per stack.
  • Now stacks up to 3 times, for a grand total of 30 Magical Protection reduction.



Anubis (NEW)

Plague of Locusts: Fixes the sound persisting after ending.

Belch of the Gods: The Screen Shake now only applies to Enemy Gods. Allies of Bacchus rejoice!

Centaurus: Fixed this ability cancelling Khepri’s Ultimate when dying from this state.


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