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Season 7 Patch Preview: Odin & Bastet Reworks, Joust Map


Odin will be receiving changes to his 3 and ultimate only. His 3 is getting a complete rework, where Odin will be able to toss his spear and shuffle through three runes for different added effects. Odin can choose between an attack speed buff rune, damage/slow rune and a stun rune. His ultimate, on the other hand, can be broken by enemies attacking the walls. Players leaving the unbroken walls using Phantom Veil or a leap will be punished with damage.

Gugnir’s Might – 3
When Odin fires this ability he raises his spear to a throwing position and begins channeling. As he channels, he will progress through 3 different runes, pulsing out damage to enemies around him and slowing them each time he changes runes. Refiring the ability will cause Odin to throw his spear, and it will gain bonus effects based on the rune he was channeling at the time.

  • Rune 1 – Odin pulses out an Attack Speed buff to himself and nearby allies, Gungnir deals damage.
  • Rune 2 – Gungnir will become a homing projectile, guaranteed to hit the target Odin was aiming at, and will damage and slow them.
  • Rune 3 – Gungnir will Stun an enemy god it hits.

Ring of Spears – ULTIMATE
This ability still summons a Ring of Spears that blocks enemies in or out, but many rules have been changedThe ring is now a clear octagon with eight individual wallsThese walls can be broken individually by enemies who attack themEnemy gods who leave the area over or through an unbroken wall (phantom, leaps) will be damaged by Gungnir itself flying from the ring to hit enemies directly as they leave the area.


We’ll be seeing a whole lot of Bastet’s cats in season 7. And her kit will be much more than just a hit-and-run kind of style. Her passive will allow her to track down enemies she damages with a scent trail. Her 3 will see her summoning a cat that roots and damages the enemy god they hit. The summoned cat will then continue on the battleground, attacking enemies until they are killed. And in her ultimate, Bastet will summon two cats that empower her other abilities.

PASSIVE – Tracking Scent
Bastet will mark enemy gods she damages, causing them to leave a scent trail behind them. This trail will show Bastet where they are moving, while also giving her a movement speed buff while she is inside the path.

Ensnaring Claw – 3
Bastet calls a single Cat pet that charges forward. When this pet his an enemy god, they are rooted and take damage. After the pet hits a god, or when it finishes charges its complete distance, it continues to persist on the battleground and behave as a usual Bastet Cat. It will attack and slow the nearest enemy and can be killed by enemies. Cats now are only killed by a specific number of basic attack now instead of having traditional HP.

Guardians of Bast – ULTIMATE
Bastet summons two cat guardians, one on each side of her. These mystical beasts empower all of Bastet’s abilities for an extended duration. They attack with her as she uses her abilities, increasing their area of effect and dealing additional damage. The Cats summoned to her sides cannot be attacked and do not block players, minions, or projectiles.

▪ Ability 1 gains a much larger 3 circle pounce area.
▪ Ability 2 gains a wider overlapping 3 cone area.
▪ Ability 3 becomes 3 line shots, firing out 3 cats on each use of the ability.

The Bonus Damage dealt by the additional areas increases as you rank this ability (these additional cats can still be attacked as described for ability 3).


Joust is getting another update and this time it will show the effects the damaged Yggdrasil tree will have on it. The Jade gemstone has affected half of the map, and the corruption will be seen visually throughout the battlefield. Think of it like conquest and the effects the lore had on the map. The new Joust map will be a part of a new Chinese event that will introduce new skins and the new Chinese god (or goddess) who will try and stop the gemstone’s corruption in China.

This new map will introduce yellow camps at opposing sides and two new XP buffs next to red buff. The yellow, blue and XP buffs will spawn at the start of the match. The red buff will spawn a bit later than it does currently. The new map will also include the following changes:

  • Reduced the team gold reward for killing towers and phoenixes.
  • Reduced the gold reward for killing an enemy god.
  • Decreased XP rewards on minions across the map, but increased the share bonus (this allows for teams to gain XP at a similar rate as usual, but makes it harder for individual players to solo camps or lanes for level spikes).
  • Increased gold reward on non-buff camps.

The 1v1 Duel Mode will use the new map, however, the following changes from the normal queue will take place:

  • Duel Titans deal 50% damage to enemy gods.
  • Duel Titans have 25% less HP than Joust Titans (75% of Total).
  • Duel Titans have 50% less HP5.
  • Duel Demon King Objective has 600 less HP and 7 less Magical/Physical protections.
  • Duel games can be surrendered at 5 minutes.

The new Joust map will be home to new monsters and visual atmosphere. These include the new minions (swordsmen, archers and brutes), yellow demon buff, and the Demon King.


The Season 7 patch show will take place on Wednesday, January 8th at 3pm ET over at Twitch, Mixer and YouTube.


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