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Ruler of the Heavens Spoils

I’ll be adding more stuff as I find it. This is just basic cosmetic spoils.

The following avatars were chosen as part of the Cutesy Avatar submission program.

The following are avatar for Golden/Legendary/Supreme Olorun and the Yoruba Pantheon ward and symbol.

The Vigilante chest, Streetstyle Bundle, Graffiti Jump Stamp, and Smooth Beats Music Theme. 9 Items – 400 Gems

Plushie Friends chest, Plushie Buddies bundle, Minion Plushies Death Stamp and Plushie Jormungandr announcer pack. 11 Items – 400 Gems

Biohacker Chest, Biohacker bundle, DNA Level-Up skin, Biohacker avatar (animated). 20 Items – 400 Gems

Other misc things: Mixer Currency Icon, Challenger Bundle (?), XP Currency (?), the banner for the Biohacker bundle, and the Artist Title (for avatar artists?).

Other things to note:

  • The Mixer Store hasn’t changed in the PTS.
  • No new teasers from the third chapter of Battle for Olympus.
  • No change in mastery/recolors (cards) for Set and Horus yet.
  • Independence Announcer Pack bundle costs 400 Gems.
  • The patch should hit live servers on or around June 25th.
  • Olorun has both victory/defeat screens, albeit short.


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