SMITE HQ Facebook Group Now Available

Hey guys! I’ve created a community Facebook group for all things SMITE (PC and Xbox One). Yes, there are other groups, though they seemed mismanaged and abandoned by admins. No, I’m not throwing any stones at anyone, I’m just being observant and want to help the community out as much as possible. I give a lot of my time to bring you the latest in SMITE and have been working hard to improve the SMITE HQ YouTube channel. Do I get anything out of this? Well yes, it makes me feel accomplished knowing that I’ve helped a community for a game that I really love. I will continue to run both the website and YouTube channel, and now, hopefully, the Facebook group. Though it has just two members as I type this, I’m hopeful that it will grow into a place where the SMITE community will turn to for advice, friends and information. It isn’t an easy task and it will take time for members to start joining, however, I’m confident enough. Once there’s enough members, conversations will start and hopefully giveaways are in store for the group (brought to you by SMITE HQ) and recruitment for more admins. With that said, anyone who would like to join the group, follow the link below and thank you for counting on SMITE HQ for all things SMITE!

SMITE HQ Facebook Group (click here)


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