SMITE HQ Visual Update/Birthday

Hey guys, a few days ago NooBabble, the website that started it all, turned three! NooBabble was a place of various topics, that ranged from game news updates for mobile games to MOBAs like League of Legends and SMITE or Otome games. After a change in direction and departure of a loyal writer (who I will always be grateful to), SMITE HQ was created under the Noobabble branch, which now focuses on Otome games, with my close friend, Shabby, at the helm. Both are still very much connected, as seen in the URL above and I would love to keep it that way. And now, as the new year approaches, SMITE HQ will change its appearance. Both the website and YouTube channel are growing in traffic and I couldn’t be happier. From Day 1 it’s always been me trying my best to update both at a timely manner, though recently it’s been difficult. I would love others to take part in SMITE HQ and help write content (news, updates, eSports-related articles) though that can be difficult to fulfill, especially with little to no incentives. Although running the website and YouTube channel is a tough job, I will continue to focus my free time as I always have to them. Expect a change in the website’s design the next couple of hours or days jk sooner than later. I will always be grateful to you all, the readers and Smitties, for following me along my shenanigans.


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Written by Elu

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