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    Dates for Upcoming Sand & Skies Content

    I’m still getting a lot of questions regarding the dates for the upcoming Sand & Skies content like the Fabled Artio skin and Blinky Chibi Janus skins, so here’s a brief summary of when they’re coming to the game. Keep in mind that with the new update changes that season 6 introduced, there will be […] More

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    Battle for Olympus Explained

    Another event is coming to Smite, but this one is huge. This event is another Divine Uprising event. Remember that one? This time around, the event will be centered around the releases of Set, Horus and an African god (new pantheon). That means skins, skins, and more skins! CHAPTER CHESTS The event will be separated […] More

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    Battle for Olympus Lore: Chapter 1

    “You.” The single word rang out across the silence of the throne room. It surprised Ra, the accusation and venom that laced it striking the ear as though it were a physical blow. But what truly surprised the lord of the Egyptian Pantheon was that the word was not his own, though it echoed the […] More