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Battle for Olympus Explained

Another event is coming to Smite, but this one is huge. This event is another Divine Uprising event. Remember that one? This time around, the event will be centered around the releases of Set, Horus and an African god (new pantheon). That means skins, skins, and more skins!


The event will be separated into three sections, each with one chapter chest. Sound familiar? The first chapter will pertain to Set, the second to Horus, and the third to the African god coming after these two.

Each chapter chest will include six skins. Purchasing all six skins in that chapter chest will give you an exclusive skin for one of the new gods. The first one will be Unichrome Set. The second chest will have an exclusive skin for Horus after purchasing all skins from that chest and the same will go for the new African god. Only two skins will be released per patch, so the amount of skins in the chests will get bigger as more skins are added in them (totaling six). The chests will cost 400 gems per roll and there are no discounts, according to the PTS. Remember, that’s PTS so the information isn’t final. Also, the chests will only have skins and no filler cosmetics (jump stamps, wards, etc) like last year’s Divine Uprising.


There will be lore starring each of the gods being released and tied to other already established in the game. The first chapter, like I mentioned, will focus on Set. You can read the first chapter here.


The event as a whole will have 18 purchasable skins and four you can earn by completing the chests. Purchase every skin in the first chest and receive Set’s exclusive skin. The two other exclusive skins can be earn the same way. Purchasing all three chests completely and you’ll get the tier 5 Unlimited Kukulkan skin. You can also purchase individual skins directly for 750 gems if you rather not roll for a chance at the one that you want.

Keep in mind that the Kukulkan skin will be unlimited, meaning you can purchase it after the event is over for the price of the whole event. So the event will cost a total of 7,200 gems and that’s how much the Kukulkan skin will be priced at after the event, though you won’t receive any of the event skins with it.

On the image above, you can see Set’s exclusive Unichrome skin that will be rewarded to players who purchase all six skins from the first chest. It’ll probably be available in the PTS (public test server) on the next patch, so I’ll have a video ready for it when I can get my hands on it.

Tier 5 Kukulkan Teaser

And that’s pretty much the gist of the event. As of now, there are no discounts or quests like the Divine Uprising event. Could that change? Possibly. But I don’t see any signs of them being implemented on the PTS. And seeing as there are less items in the event than last year, it might stay that way. Either way, if anything changes I’ll update everyone here and on my YouTube’s community tab. If you have anymore questions about the event or any other matter, feel free contact me via email, my Twitter, or join my Discord server.


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