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    Season 3.2 Patch Notes – PTS

    We are continuing our process of making iterative changes to Season 3 on the PTS. We are eager to hear your feedback over the weekend, and will look towards additional changes on Monday as needed. New Item Icons All new items with placeholder artwork now has proper artwork. Take a look below! ~Elu Tutorial Fixed […] More

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    Season 3.1 Patch Notes – PTS

    Fixed a typo in the Rising Dawn Daily Quest. Fixed an issue where the “Reach Level 10” Daily Quest was misaligned. Fixed an issue in which Silhouette highlighting would break on low world detail settings. Fixed an issue where the home screen would not load images properly. Fixed an issue where the escape overlay would […] More

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    Season 3 Patch Notes

    Hey SMITE fans! This week we will be starting our first round of PTS testing for Season 3. The patch notes below contain items available on PTS this week- there is a lot more Season 3 content planned that will be tested in the next stage. Please keep in mind that a lot of the […] More

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    Datamine: New Skins for Nemesis, Khepri, …MORE.

    SKINS All new cards for the new Nemesis and Khepri skins. This post is still being updated.   Leona JPF Nemesis HOW TO UNLOCK: Download Hi-Rez’s mobile game, Jetpack Fighter, HERE, link your Hi-Rez account to the game and you’ll unlock Nemesis. After doing so, make sure to unlock the playable character, Leona, and you’ll […] More

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    Earn Gems This Weekend With PTS

    This weekend, get on PTS and receive 250 gems for winning five games! By doing this, more of you will get on PTS and hopefully give feedback and help improve the patch before it goes live. Reporting bugs and giving feedback is very important. 1.) Download PTS here. 2.) Check out the rules/instructions here. 3.) […] More

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    Datamine: Kuku Kukulkan & Space Nu Wa Cards, Voice Pack

    Space Nu Wa was revealed a while back with her Voice Pack being datamined about 3 weeks ago. Her card is now in today’s PTS patch, as well as a Kuku Kukulkan Pokemon-themed (Rayquaza) skin. Both card and voice pack for Kuku’s new skin are up (with awesome Pokemon references). No mention of when these […] More