Datamine: New Skins for Nemesis, Khepri, …MORE.

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All new cards for the new Nemesis and Khepri skins.

This post is still being updated.

Leona JPF Nemesis
Leona Nemesis

HOW TO UNLOCK: Download Hi-Rez’s mobile game, Jetpack Fighter, HERE, link your Hi-Rez account to the game and you’ll unlock Nemesis. After doing so, make sure to unlock the playable character, Leona, and you’ll receive a code to unlock the Leona Nemesis skin on SMITE. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Added skin spotlights for the skins.

Ladybug & Hug Bug Khepri



Bundles are coming! It’s obvious that the Khepri skins will be in a bundle or chest, however, we’ll be getting a Chinese New Year bundle as well.

  • Valentine’s Day Bundle (Icons)
  • Kukulkan Bundle
  • Shaolin Fury Mercury/Chinese Ward Bundle



  • Valentine’s Day Chest
  • SWC Chest


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