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    Draw This! Contest Winners

    In the slideshow you can view the winners of the Draw This! contest! I decided to pick more than 3 winners, so I split some prizes. There were so many submissions and I’m so grateful to everyone who participated. I do apologize for not having enough codes for everyone because all of the concepts are […] More

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    Mother’s Day Weekend

    This Mother’s Day, enjoy 50% off select skins and voice packs of various mothers from SMITE! The sale will start on Thursday, May 5th (5 am EDT) through Monday, May 9th (5 am EDT) and run alongside the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. Both events will be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. This sale […] More

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    Escape from the Underworld Event

    The Darkness Yearns for Souls After centuries spent ruling the Underworld, Hades has tired of harvesting the souls of men. Yearning for a new challenge, he has lured the gods to his realm to steal their devoted worshipers. Realizing their fellow immortals are trapped, the Pantheons have rallied together to restore balance.   This event […] More

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    Datamine: New Mercury Skin, Japanese God Ability Icons, Season 3 Items, …MORE

    GODS The new God will be Japanese (from the new pantheon). The passive currently has a placeholder and his/her name is labeled as God72. The ability icons for abilities 1-4 are below. There’s also a placeholder image for this God’s card.     SKINS A card showed up featuring the Shaolin Fury Mercury skin. Additional […] More