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Who are you and what have you done with Elu?

Hey there, I’m Tore. I’m just a person who likes to play SMITE. I also tend to have opinions. Here you will find those opinions! Every patch, I like to take the patch notes and give my own interpretation and opinion on them. Or at least the parts that stick out to me. So, with that being said, sit back. Relax. Enjoy!


New Gods!

Horus, The Rightful Heir
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Bam, boom. Horus, a Sky God in Ancient Egyptian Mythology. Who doesn’t like more birds to play as? The kit looks nifty. I guess if you have wings you might as well use them, you know? On a real note, I think it’s nifty that the passive interacts differently when attacking Set. The ultimate ability seems like it could be uber overpowered. Did you know that you can dash through walls with that dash ability? Dang. Honestly, I think that Horus will be a welcomed addition to the SMITE roster.

Set, The Usurper
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Hasn’t the community been asking for this god for literally years? Sit down, Reddit, your God has arrived. Anyways, Set, the Egyptian God of chaos and storms – Brother of Osiris and Isis. Yeah, with a title like that, I can see the constant demand. Set’s kit looks pretty cool. I’m reading that Set can create up to 8 spawns? And they interact with his kit? That’s crazy, and this should be quite the show to see. On a real note, I was watching the developer preview and I was really intrigued by Set’s kit. The playstyle seems super fun and I think this will also make Set a more-than-welcomed God to the community.


Want some video links?

Fabled Artio
Gladiator Thor
Hellheim Ullr
Illuminator Baron Samedi
Marrow Eater Fenrir
Pop Punk Hel
Blinky Chibi Janus

Project Olympus!

So, I just recently returned to SMITE after a few month hiatus. That being said, “Project Olympus” is new to me. I’ve done some research and it seems like this is maybe suggestions from the new elected Olympians? Hmm. Interesting. Moving on…

Role Queue

  • Priority Points no longer reset when you relog.
  • Ranked and Normal Conquest no longer share the same pool of Priority Points.

Well, I can see why this change was put in. If I keep not getting my requested role and my client crashes and I have to start back up from the beginning, we’re gonna have problems. Just a QoL change but important nonetheless.


  • Matchmaking Rating (MMR) gains and losses now properly display at the End of Match Lobby.

This… wasn’t already happening? Okay.

Co-Op Vs AI

  • More behaviors and AI improvements have been added to SMITE’s bots.
    • Fixes to behavior regarding towers:
      • Fixed an issue where bots thought ally towers were enemy towers.
      • Fixed an issue that ranged gods would not attack enemies near towers even in range.
      • Prioritizing attacking enemy towers if in range vs gods/minions.

  • Decreased instances where bots will trash (appear to stand still or jitter because they can’t decide what to do).
  • Bots will occasionally attack jungle camps.

Where do I start with this one? I wasn’t aware that bots would occasionally think that allied towers were enemy towers. What did they do, just stand there and stare at it? Attempt to throw basic attacks at it? OK. Also, were the bots not already attacking jungle camps? I kinda thought that was already baked-in. You do you Hi-Rez.

Wait. That’s it?

Well, you see — I really don’t have that much to say.

Thank you so much for reading my little 2-minute opinion piece!
This is a new thing we’re trying over here at Smite Hive and I hope you all enjoyed!

I mean honestly — I think anything is better than reading a wall of patch notes.

Feel free to leave your own opinions on things in the comment section and perhaps we’ll spark discussion!
I look forward to hearing from you all.

Catch you next time!


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