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Sweet Victory Patch Preview

Below you’ll find every skin that’s been teased for the upcoming Sweet Victory patch. The patch notes will be held on Tuesday, July 9 instead of your regular Wednesday show at an earlier time, 11am ET. I know I haven’t said anything yet, but I won’t be here for the next two weeks, which means that I’ll be missing out on the patch notes. And since I am the only one who runs this website and YouTube channel, that also means that I won’t upload videos for the new patch. I’ll be heading out for a work trip and will be away from home and won’t be able to bring my desktop with me. You can head on over to Sinister’s YouTube channel, as he goes over the latest skins from Smite.

The next Battle Pass is titled Sweet Victory and will feature some sugar-coated skins.

This is Fun-pocalypse Xbalanque. It doesn’t really fit the candied theme, so it might be a Battle for Olympus skin. Either way, Xbalanque is thirsty for revenge.

Argus is coming at you with his Power Up skin- wait, this isn’t an Argus skin? I mean Hera, obviously. She’s in there too, I guess. This skin will be available along with its recolor in the Battle Pass more than likely. This time, the Battle Pass will take notes from Paladins and have 60 extra levels once you complete it. This extra track will come with more rewards and Limited recolor skins from the battle pass.
This is the recolor you’ll get in the second track of the Battle Pass.

Like with every Battle Pass, we get a recolor of a previous skin. This time, it’s Sweet Tooth Sol because she fits right in with the theme. Except this time she dons a blueberry/Smurf skin tone.

This is, believe it or not, Nemesis. I’m not sure if she’ll be swinging rock candy around and smacking enemies with it, but that would be a sight to behold. Sweet Justice Nemesis will be available in the Sweet Victory Battle Pass because candy.

Great Tengu Cernunnos will probably be available in the Battle for Olympus event because that’s what makes the most sense. Horus sits in a corner crying.

Ra is transformed into a chilling owl in his Snow Strix skin. Battle for Olympus maybe?

Erlang Shen is finally getting some love this patch with his Molten Shogun skin, one of the concepts from Wolfdawg Art (@WolfdawgArt on Twitter).

Another one of Wolfdawg’s concepts is headed to Smite. Infantree Sylvanus will make his debut on tomorrow’s patch show.

Spirit Sun Hou Yi might be a Battle for Olympus skin. Don’t quote me on that though.

That’s all for now. I’ll be adding more tomorrow, however, I might stop on Sunday because that’s when I have to head off for the trip. You can follow me on Twitter where I’ll be retweeting any new teasers or just being boring me. Have a great weekend or well.. next two weeks!


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