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New King Arthur & Jormungandr Skins, Red Bull Records Collaboration and RWBY Assets

Below you can see all the assets and spoilers from the new RWBY patch that’s currently on the PTS. This patch will go live on November 12th and bring the RWBY Battle Pass, Isis visual update, Chapter 3 Odyssey skins, and more.

RWBY Battle Pass


Yang, Blake, Weiss and Ruby Rose.

More Rewards

RWBY Jump Stamp, Loading Frame, Global Emote, Music Theme, Zwei Ward, RWBY Title, and Battle Pass Image.


Yang, Blake, Weiss, Ruby Rose Announcer Packs & RWBY Title.

Skin Teasers & King Arthur

Lost Soul King Arthur & Teasers for Pink Lotus Pele, Code Breaker Osiris, Divine Machina Apollo, and a Jormungandr skin.

Misc. Part 2

Winter Wonderland Fountain Skin, Death Stamp, Bundle Image, Community Star Title (this has been in the files since last patch; maybe it’s for content creators AKA streamers?), Code Breaker Recall, and Smite World Championship 2019 Jump Stamp.

Red Bull Records

It looks like TitanForge is collaborating with bands Awolnation and Beartooth (Red Bull Records) for some bundles. Each bundle will feature Awolnation/Beartooth Avatar, Music Themes, Jump Stamps (?), and Global Emotes – maybe a loading screen or something I might be missing. You can listen to the music themes below.


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