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Ruler of the Heavens Patch Preview

Just as I do every patch, I’ll be posting all the skin/god teasers before the patch notes show takes place next week on June 12 at 3 PM ET over at Twitch and Mixer. I’ll keep adding more images when more teasers are posted.

Winds of Change Kukulkan will be the tier 5 skin tied to the Battle for Olympus event. Players will receive this skin after they purchase all 18 skins (7,200 Gems) from the event.

This furrtastic skin belongs to Achilles and will be available during the Battle for Olympus event. The chest costs 400 Gems and is part of Horus’ chapter.

Vigilante Susano makes his way to the battlefield this next patch. This skin isn’t tied to the Battle for Olympus event, so it might be part of the Superhero Chest.

Discordia’s Clockwork Chaos skin will also be part of the Battle for Olympus Event.

Olorun, Ruler of the Heavens, is Smite’s newest god. He is a mage ADC and introduces the Yoruba pantheon to the game. We’ll see a lot more of him in next week’s patch show.
Olorun Final Concept 1
Olorun Final Concept 2
Supreme Olorun (Recolor)
Mastery Olorun

Death Lotus Da Ji will be available in the Battle for Olympus event.

Kali and Chernobog share loading art in their Biohacker skins.

Jormungandr joins Ganesha and Khepri with his own Plushie skin.

Ah Muzen Cab flies straight for the lamp in his Mothman skin. This skin will be available in the Battle for Olympus Event.


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