Unlock Leona Nemesis Through Jetpack Fighter

UPDATED (4/29/16)

As you all know, or don’t, Hi-Rez has an iOS mobile game named Jetpack Fighter. The game is a platformer, with a swipe-to-attack feature to defeat your enemies and collect weapons, armor, characters and more.

Hi-Rez is introducing the game to players by making Nemesis, the SMITE goddess, a playable character. Linking your Hi-Rez account to the game will unlock her. But that’s not all. Unlocking Leona, another character, on Jetpack Fighter will earn you a free code to unlock the Leona Nemesis skin on SMITE. Sound like a deal?

Note: If you’d like to unlock Leona on Jetpack Fighter, you can either play your way through the game or shell out $14.99 for the character bundle. Just play the game guys.

XBOX ONE: The Xbox One patch enabling Leona JPF Nemesis should hit your consoles early this week!

Download Jetpack Fighter for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch HERE.
Android users: You can now sign up for the Closed Beta HERE!


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