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    Sand & Skies Patch Spoils

    The spoils aren’t so heavy this time around. I’ll be adding more stuff as soon as I can because I’m working on videos currently. So here’s some stuff I found. OTHER UPCOMING STUFF Chompy Chibi Fenrir Ward Horus and Set Loading Frame Infinite Pedestal Glass Slippers Jump Stamp Cutesy Palooza Level-Up Once Upon a Time […] More

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    Patch Preview: Horus & Set, New Skins, and More

    TitanForge has been posting a bunch of teasers ahead of the Sand and Skies patch notes show, which will be taking place on Wednesday at 2PM EST (US Time). You can watch the live show over on Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube. Horus and Set Horus and Set will both be released simultaneously in the next […] More

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    Cute But Deadly Chest Contents

    The following items will be available in the Cute but Deadly Chest, which includes eight items for 400 gems a roll. You can also watch the video showing off the new items in the chest here. This chest will be available on Tuesday, April 16th. SKINS Itsy Bitsy Chibi Arachne – NEW! Blood Axe Chaac […] More

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    From the Depths Chest

    The following items will be available in the From the Depths Chest, which includes six items for 400 gems a roll. You can also watch the video showing off the new items in the chest here. SKINS Depths of Atlantis Nox – NEW! Riptide Poseidon Kaijunbo Kuzenbo Sand Viper Ao Kuang Volcanic Agni   BUNDLES […] More

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    Redeem Freebies Through SMITE’s YouTube Celebration

    Everyday from Friday, February 17 through Thursday, February 23, Hi-Rez will be uploading videos to celebrate 1 million subs on YouTube. Each video will contain a special promo code that will last for a limited time (1PM EST – 4PM EST). Below are the two codes that have been given out so far. 1.) THANKYOUYOUTUBE […] More

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    Season 2 Ullr Skin Preview

    As Season 2 ends this upcoming February 2, 2016 for PC and February 23 for Xbox One, Hi-Rez has released a sneak peek at the rewards. The following items will be rewarded to League: Joust and League: Conquest players on Xbox One and PC. Platinum V and higher will receive a special Loading Card Frame. […] More

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    SMITE Released On Steam, God Pack On Sale

    SMITE has released on Steam and sees the God Pack 33% off (that’s $20.09). The offer ends September 15, so start downloading! A few things to point out: Gems You can now buy gems using your Steam wallet!   Overlay The Steam overlay and achievements are now part of SMITE (Steam copy). Don’t worry, Curse […] More